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Arathin – The Alt Fetish Model

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 Arathin is an internationally published Swedish Alternative & Fetish Model. Based in Stockholm, and been modelling since 2008, this girl has a deep love for everything pretty and weird. She works with themes ranging from fairytales to fetish. Corsets, latex, high heels and madness are her favorites but everything else in between is just as fun. She finds inspiration in fairytales, science-fiction and horror stories as well as the world around her.

Arathin has worked with numerous Designers & Photographers and has also featured in many Fetish Magazines. Some of the brands she has worked for are All You Need Is Gloves, ASD Latex, Curiology, Eudoxia, HairJems, Hysteria Machine, Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium, Kooky by Katastrophy, Lady Locks Creations, Maebelle Latex, Mico Couture Latex, Midnight Nymphs, Miss Overdose, Neko-licious, Sarah Burchill – Artisan of the Weird & Wondrous, The Psychobilly Shop UK, This Has A Story, Viola Lahger and Westward Bound.

She has covered for Bedeseme Magazine, while she has featured in The Cat’s Meow Magazine, Kultur Magazine, Carpe Nocturne Magazine and Cynical Fashion Magazine.

Fetish Shop: What is your fetish?

Arathin: I love latex, corsets and high heels. My fetishes are more based on aesthetics though than sexuality as I love all the different ways they can be used and tweaked into both art and a lifestyle.

FS: What inspired you to become a fetish model?

A: A friend of mine thought I should give modeling a try and in my first shoot I was wearing a long PVC skirt with a fishnet top and tight-laced corset so it was on my mind from the start to have some kind of fetish base. It wasn’t until I met model and performer Insanitea though that I decided that this was going to be my main direction. While I have evolved into doing other styles as well fetish will always be at the core of my modeling aesthetics.

FS: What was your first fetish item?

A: Like many others my fetish journey started when I bought my first PVC skirt in my late teens. From that it was a small step towards corsets, stockings, high heels and later latex.

FS: What are your favorite fetish brands?

A: My favorite brands include Maebelle Latex, Lady Lucie Latex, Lady Allura’s Latex, Eudoxia, Westward Bound, Lacing Lilith Couture, Catriona Stewart Clothing and Pandora Deluxe. I also have to mention All You Need Is Gloves because of their gorgeous latex gloves.

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot?

A: Being outside when it was -12 °C and I was wearing nothing but latex and a tight corset. For some reason the photographer I did this particular shoot with enjoys having me in the cold as we’ve done several shoots in the middle of winter with me wearing outfits that are not suitable for the weather. Add a horrible cold with a fever to that mix and you have the most straining shoot I’ve ever done so far.

 FS: How do you feel wearing latex?

A: I feel powerful and free to act on other aspects of my personality as well as creativity.

FS: Master or Slave? (Or other?)

A: Well now, that’s my little secret…

FS: How much different your fetish persona from your personal life is?

A: It’s quite different. The fetish persona that you see in my photos isn’t exactly who I am in my daily life. I have an introvert personality and the fetish persona allows me to be more outgoing. The one thing that connects them though is my inner geek, I can never separate that part of my personality from anything that I do.

FS: What is the most interesting “accident” you had during your fetish life?

A: Haven’t had one yet.

FS: What are your dimensions?

A: I’m 169 cm tall with curves in all the right places. A couple of my photographers love my hips as they, in their own words, “never lie” and they have become something of a physical trademark for me.

FS: Do have a fetish unaccomplished dream?

A: There are still several pieces of clothing I miss in my collection, including a proper corset. Other than that there are a couple of designers and photographers I would love to work with, photoshoot ideas I want to fulfill and should I manage to get published in Marquis Magazine, well, that would really be a dream come true!

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages? If someone wants to support you, do have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

A: I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, a Personal Blog and I also am on ModelMayhem.

I don’t have a Patreon yet, but I’m working on it! I do sell prints through my Facebook page and my Etsy Store though, so if you’re interesting in purchasing one you can always message me and we will work something out.

Photography: Necrinity Art, Katiekat, Hanna Fredholm Photography, Stefan Tangen, Felicia Püschl Photography, Belinda Bartzner – Photography, Natalie G Sundling, Fractal Fashion Photography, Carmilla, Miss Kryseis,, TzR, Josefine Jonsson photography & retouch.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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