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Carrie LaChance – The Fetish Bomb

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Early Life

Gorgeous Carrie Lachance grew up in the small town of Dover-Foxcroft Maine. Like most girls, all she ever dreamt of as a little girl, was becoming a famous model and actress. After graduating from high school in 2003, she attended a “Beauty School” as an aspiring professional hair and makeup artist. She also juggled various jobs such as a cashier, hostess, telemarketer and pizza delivery driver but still dreamed of becoming a model almost every night.

Modelling Career

Her model career started while she was working as a hostess at a local restaurant. A photographer who was there at the time, approached her and asked her if she was interested in modeling for his online magazine. She immediately accepted and that was what started her modeling career. She has then incorporated her passion for fashion and love of high heels into all of her works. A sexy “high heel” theme quickly became the foundation of her brand.

In 2006, she became co-owner of ArchEnemys Studios, a multimedia production company for film and photography. The company was founded in 1997 by Carrie and her husband Nate, who is a successful businessman as well as an accomplished photographer and award winning director. ArchEnemys is an international online men’s magazine known for its sexy pin-up photos and videos featuring some of the hottest models in the world.  ArchEnemys produces and distributes their own brand of autograph prints, calendars, magnets, trading cards and postcards. Their work has been featured on several television networks including Fox and Spike TV, and have appeared in numerous publications, advertisements, commercials, interviews and public events, while Carrie is also the spokesmodel for the company.

Carrie now is a successful model, actress and entrepreneur. She has also starred in three movies, Webgirl (2006), She Feast (2010) and Inn Season (2010).

Fetish Career

In 2008, she launched her website which produces photos, videos, autographed prints, calendars and much more. The website has been viewed by virtually all 196 countries around the world, generating over 600,000 monthly pageviews and has sold more than 250.000 photos worldwide. CBS News Channel 13 once described Carrie as “A walking, talking billboard”. Her YouTube Channel has numerous videos of her in latex and fetishwear, about 11.300 subscribers and 4.000.000 views!

Carrie has made a huge number of photoshoots wearing latex, rubber, high heels and fetish clothing.

She has collaborated with several Playboy Playmates for her photoshoots such as Ashley Doris, Amelia Talon, Jaslyn Ome, Shelby Chesnes, Shawn Dillon, Ali Rose and Carly Lauren. She also joined a Playboy party in Montreal, Canada on December 2015. She recently made a photoshoot for Marquis Magazine with the gorgeous Sister Sinister wearing Inner Sanctum and Westward Bound. And this photoshoot posing with Jade Vixen in front of a Ferrari 458 Italia was just… hot. And although she looks amazing in latex, she has a fetish on shoes with her favorite brands being Christian Louboutin, DiMarni, Jimmy Choo and Casadei. Ever wonder what’s her favorite underwear brand? Victoria’s Secret of course. Through her website, you can also have a look at her Closet, in which you can find and buy some of the items she wore for several photoshoots. And if you are a huge fan of Carrie, check here!

Find Carrie LaChance’s 2016 Calendar HERE.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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