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Catriona Stewart – Latex Ghostbusters Catsuit

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Catriona Stewart Clothing is a brand created in 2011 in the UK. Based in Leicester, United Kingdom, both the online and the physical store, provide some serious Latex Fashion. And of course it is one of the most favorite brands of Fetish Models. They told that themselves!

And they are fun! How did we get to know that? Have a look at this shooting they made for the brand new Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good Latex Catsuit and you’ll understand why! Stacey Rebecca and Cozplaygirl were the perfect ones to have fun in the catsuit!

Made in 0.5 thickness latex with metal zip details and a variety of latex colors. You can choose to have the front zip extended to be a two way through crotch option. Please note the other zips are actual zips but are for show only and aren’t functional. The logo used on the arm is a slightly altered version of the actual Ghostbusters logo in glitter red latex and white.

Proton packs provided by The U.K Ghostbusters. Photography by philipJvernon Photography and Videography by LatexFashion.TV.

Size: The size of the catsuit can vary from UK6 to UK18 or be made to measure.

Color: There is a variety of available color for the catsuit.

*Shown in Metallic Dull Gold – Darker.

Price: £275 – Find it HERE.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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