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Dani Divine – The Ultimate Fetish Performer    

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Dani Divine is a 25 year old fetish and alternative model and performer based in London. She actually is remarkably successful at what she does, judging from her 2m. Facebook fans!

But besides her performances, she is also a very experienced runway model. She has modeled and performed at numerous fashion and fetish events such as Torture Garden, German Fetish Ball, Dominatrix NL, London Fetish Weekend, New Rock France, Festival of Sins, London Comic Con, Sci Fi London, Wasteland and FetishEvolution Weekend.

She is also a professional dancer and Fire Performer (Breathing, fans, sword, angle grinding, poi, body burning) and can be hired for events as a solo performer or with her 5 membered group, PYROHEX. She has a very wide and varied wardrobe of her own, and she loves latex, leather and super high heels! She also is a qualified makeup artist and she prefers doing her own make-up for shoots. Quite a talented girl!

Dani Divine has covered for or featured in the pages of many great Fetish Magazines such as, Bizarre Mag, Bizarre Girls Book, Marquis Magazine, Spiral Direct Catalog, Kerrang Magazine, Metal Hammer Magazine, Kultur Mag, Bedeseme Magazine, Nocturnal Magazine, Toxic Spit Mag, Daily Sport, Manic Mosh Magazine, Soho’s Clothing and Elite Magazine.

Additionally, she has worked for some of the greatest Latex & Fetish Designers both photographic and runway such as, Lacing Lilith Latex, Jane Doe Latex, Torture Garden Clothing, Pandora Deluxe Latex, MadRubb Latex, Tsu Metamorphosis, Zorenko Latex, Kaori’s Latex Dreams, Valkyrie Corsets, Rubberluv, Twilight Siren, Nikita Sablier, Killing Culture, New Rock Boots, Am-Statik Latex, Hell Bunny, Burleska, Criminal Damage, Peccatus Latex Couture, Spiral Direct, Bondinage, Ave Satanas, Ritual London and VinNoir Latex.

Personal Characteristics & Measurements

Height: 163cm.

Weight: 54kg.

Bust: 91cm.

Waist: 66cm.

Hips: 86cm.

Cup: DD.

Dress: 10

Shoe: 4.0

Hair Color: Black & Red

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: White

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Tongue

Photography: Jamie T Photography, bommi (Thomas burggraf), Vince Voltage, Anouk Dyonne, Belinda Bartzner, My Boudoir Photography, Dollhouse Photography, Alannah Wilder, Offir Assayag, Venerable Photography, Luci Alice Photography, Alex Perez, Peter Ellis, Jack Russell, Ultimate Psycho.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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