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Dead Lotus Couture – Natalie Latex Dress

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Dead Lotus Couture was founded by the Italian-Japanese fashion designer Nange Magro who graduated in Fashion (Politecnico-Milan) and MA Digital Fashion (London College of Fashion-London). Innovation, video, art and music are also a big part of her passions which are strongly reflected in Dead Lotus Couture’s constant growth.

The company’s identity is born in an emotional world, comprising sinuous, sensual shapes that reveal a dark spiky elegance with a sophisticated touch. Volumes and devious geometry are combined to bring out your foxiest alter ego.

Each item is specifically designed to caress and accentuate your body shape at its best, transporting you to a parallel universe of imaginative and surreal beauty. Every creation holds in itself a precious little world built around a foundation of research, quality and innovation.

Emotions and sensuality are fundamental elements for Dead Lotus Couture as is merging the past with a sci-fi imaginary, and pushing the limit between fantasy and temporality. Dead Lotus Couture is a label that explores fashion on a journey through artistic media from conceptual research to video art and technological experimentation.

From their beautiful collections, we loved the one of Petite Mortelle, which merges Baroque and Victorian elegance with a Gothic Lolita’s cuteness.

The Natalie Dress is a design inspired by the amazing art of Natalie Shau in high quality latex.


A graceful collar frames the line of metal buttons on front. The back of the outfit is characterized by a precious crystal skull. Two lines of frill gently shape the silhouette. This dress matches elegance and grace with cuteness and dark feelings at the same time.

Size: The size of the dress varies from UK 06 to UK 18.

Color: There are unlimited color combinations for the dress.

Price: £330 – Find it HERE.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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