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Europerve Resurrection – Three Decades of Demask

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Europerve Resurrection V will be celebrating three decades of Demask on Saturday October 8th from 21.00 to 04.00.

It all started thirty years ago with the rise of a small shop in the red light district of Amsterdam.

And the fabulous Irresistible Iris told Fetish Shop all about it. “It started as a shop that was unique in its kind. Here one could find rubber and leather for fetishism in all its facets. At Demask a “fetish elite“ soon discovered the high quality rubber and leather outfits and gears. Shortly after, the name “Demask” became immensely popular and developed as a well-known brand amidst the steadily growing group of fetish lovers worldwide. Nowadays, Demask’s reputation is undisputed. Demask items are sold worldwide online through their comprehensive internet site. As well as through the shops in Amsterdam, Dortmund and Los Angeles, where the customers can get inspired. Here one can touch, smell, try and admire the large collection.

Nowadays Demask represents a lifestyle, a way to express yourself. It’s freedom of expression. It’s fetish at its finest.

A view years after the opening of the shop, Europerve, Demask’s party, was created. The idea for this rubber and leather extravaganza inspired from the creative mind of Steve English, the founder of Demask, in cooperation with Tim Woodward (Skin Two).

Europerve was one of the very first true fetish party’s in Amsterdam. On the endless, unforgettable nights all kinds of open minded people from many countries found their way to Amsterdam. At the extraordinary venue of the Artis Zoo these beautifully dressed eccentric creatures from all over the world gathered together.  They were longing for entertainment at an exceptional level and they found the perfect place. Europerve soon reached a legendary state.

There was a short absence of the event, however with the entry of enthusiastic new Demask owners Louva and Anton, the party was put back on the map as “Europerve Resurrection”.

Louva says: “With Europerve we like to offer a luxury fetish event. A place where one can surrender to the diversity of all facets of (rubber) fetishism. Europerve provides opportunity to gallivant, socialize, dance, flirt and party! We also offer transparent play corners, a smoking room and of course plenty of fetish entertainment. We encourage extravagance! Our famous motto at Europerve is: Dress more to score, never less to express!”

This edition is dedicated to Demask’s thirtieth birthday and that will not go unnoticed. Therefore this edition will be extra special. However, Europerve will not just be the anniversary of Demask, but also the celebration of thirty years of rubber pleasure and the freedom to explore and transform.”

This time, Europerve will feature Interactive shows, a Demask Fashion Show, Video Art Projections, Finger Food, Changing room and Wardrobe and more.

Performances will be held by Mistress Kassi, Vivid Angel, Xarah von der Vielenregen and Eli El Sultan.

Location: Wester Unie, Klönneplein 4-6, Amsterdam – Netherlands.

Ticket Information

Tickets from €37.50 – Book your Ticket HERE.

Dresscode: Rubber, Leather or Uniform (Army | Police | Pilot). Absolutely no bare chest or just nude!

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Photography: Peter Dircken, Alex Perez, Ultimate Psycho.

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Are You A Designer 728×90

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