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Fantastic Rubber – Bianca Latex Catsuit

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Fantastic Rubber offers premium quality latex clothing that fits perfectly and has fun! Dealing with a company that makes no compromise over quality and durability, is the safest way to enjoy your fetish.

The brand offers latex designs that all latex models have worn at some event and is clearly one of our favorites! We loved this Bianca Catsuit because it is so classy and fabulous and yet so sexy! The Bianca is a three-colored catsuit with a transparent cleavage, with legs, shoulders and sleeves in transparent black and the traditional back seam at the back of the legs. The two-way zipper will be at the color of the suit and you have the option to add a hidden open crotch.

Material: The thickness of the material can vary from 0.4mm., 0.5mm./0.6mm. to 0.8mm.

Size: You should use the Measurement Form in order to choose your size.

Color: The color of the catsuit is transparent with transparent black. You can choose any other color combination if you have the catsuit custom-made.

Extras: The extras for the catsuit can be Gauntlets (€45) and Socks (€50).

Price: The Base price for the catsuit varies from €430 to €490. You can order the catsuit HERE.

The Base price includes:

  • Free made-to-measure
  • Free shipping in Germany
  • Repair service
  • Use measuring points free of charge
  • No extra costs for metallic colors

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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