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Fantastic Rubber – Perla Tiana Latex Catsuit

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We recently interviewed La Trisha. And we loved the photos she sent us.

In some of them, she was wearing a two colored latex catsuit. The Perla Tiana Latex Catsuit. We immediately got mesmerized.

It is an amazing catsuit available in Special Fit which relates to the chest area of the suit and is an option that makes sense from a C cup and up. Similar to the Big-Boobs catsuit, this option has a halter, but instead of the closed bags are cut-outs for existing breast in halter. It also looks like an underwire bra-strap and the catsuit is drawn into the crease below the breast. Follow her on Facebook for more of her.

Photography: EigenART Photographie.

Material: The thickness of the material can vary from 0.4mm., 0.5mm./0.6mm. to 0.8mm.

Size: You should use the Measurement Form in order to choose your size.

Color: Available in a variety of colors.

Extras: The extras for the catsuit can be Gauntlets (€45), Socks (€50) and Big Boobs (€80).

Price: The Base price for the catsuit varies from €500 to €540. You can order the catsuit HERE.

The suit without any option has:

  • Turtle-neck from 4cm to 8cm.
  • A 2 way crotch zip.
  • Foot straps.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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