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Fetish Evolution Weekend 2016

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Fetish Evolution Weekend, the most glamorous and fetish weekend event in Europe is about to take place!

Models & Makers – Pool Party – 25th March – 21.00

Hotel Bredeney, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 5, 45133 Essen.

The official Meet & Greet at this long fetish weekend is going to be hot. Models, designers, exhibitors, media, officials and artists meet for a wet night. The beloved pool party will take place on Friday night this year. This event is closed to the public. Ticket owners of a “Fetish Evolution Weekend Ticket de Luxe Package VIP“ are welcome.

International Fetish Gala – 26th March – 20.00

Lokschuppen, Gabelsbergerstr. 19a, 42638, Bottrop.

Experience a special and exclusive highlight of the Fetish Evolution Weekend: meet international visitors and stars at the “International Fetish Gala” including an exquisite dinner buffet.

The location is so stunning for its rarefied and modern design in combination with technical refinement and the unforgettable industrial charm of the Ruhr area. It’s going to be the perfect setting for a very special night. Be part of the evening and enjoy the delicious dinner buffet. To ensure exclusivity, the number of tickets for the “International Fetish Gala” will be strictly limited. It’s going to be a magnificent and impressive event so the contingent of tickets won’t be available for long. They recommend you to get your ticket as soon as possible from their webpage or the information point during the “High Gloss Fashion Art-EXPO”.

Directly after the awards gala at 22.00, the doors will open for the “Fetish Evolution Nuit Bizarre Party”. Additional guests are invited to enter a world of fantasies and a night without compare.

Fetish Evolution Nuit Bizarre Party – 26th March – 22.00

Lokschuppen, Gabelsbergerstr. 19a, 42638, Bottrop.

Start into a long and bizarre weekend. Fetish Evolution welcomes you to the “Fetish Evolution Nuit Bizarre Party” at the Lokschuppen. After the festive and gallant atmosphere of the gala and the delicious dinner, the temperament is going to change. Embedded within this architectonic appealing scenery, a wonderful party will be launched. Stimulating drinks, cool cocktails and pulsating music will lead our guests into a night full of dancing and playing. Celebrate this special party highlight and enjoy fantastic outfits, dancing bodies, tingling eroticism and bizarre performances. Be seduced by the welcome drink and enter an arena filled with erotic desires and fantasies. Live your dreams and savor the passion and devotion of many satisfied longings. Celebrate your fetish to the fullest extent possible and experience frivolous sexiness and playful fetish passion – a kinky party for kinky people.

The Fetish Evolution Ball – 27th March – 22.00

Delta Essen, Frohnhauser Str. 75, 45143, Essen.

The “Fetish Evolution Ball” is an extravagant and shimmering fetish- and BDSM-event located in an exclusive and inspiring location. Fetish Evolution is going to meet at Easter Sunday at the “Delta” in Essen to celebrate the main event of this year’s Fetish Evolution Weekend. After spending the day at the “High Gloss Fashion Art Expo”, the highlight of the weekend is going to last until early morning. A shiny peak for a shiny weekend. Several thousand square meters of this special location are transformed into a glittering world of metal and glass which will invite you to follow your boldest fetish dreams and desires. Perfect sound, sparkling light, several dance areas with different music styles, a large interactive stage and fantastic decoration mingled with cold steel and an unique industrial ambience link themselves together to an unique atmosphere that everybody has to experience themselves. Simply observe or be part of the colorful hustle and bustle around you, celebrate together with beautiful guests from all over the world and get lost in the moment.

“Dress to impress” is not only a saying here but an appreciated expectation. The “Fetish Evolution Ball” thrives on its guests, so have fun and help us create this evening with your presence.

Performances of elaborate and lavish fashion shows presented by the crème de la crème of international models and designers will be presented. The stage will be transformed into one long catwalk. Watch beautiful models wearing outrageous fetish couture designed by talented designers. Observe bizarre fetish and BDSM performances and exotic show highlights. There will be several side acts as well to accentuate the mood. If you want to intensify your evening, you can use the SM-furniture at the big play-hall. Try the designs of “Style Fetish” and explore your personal desires and limits.

Fetish Brunch – 28th March – 10.00

Hotel Bredeney, Theodor – Althoff Str. 5, 45133, Essen.

After a long and enthusiastic night at the “Fetish Evolution Ball” you are going to start the day very relaxed and therefore you’ll meet for a fetish brunch. Tell your friends about your special night or simply enjoy the familiar atmosphere.

Chill Out BBQ Dinner & Pool Party – 28th March – 22.30

Hotel Bredeney, Theodor – Althoff Str. 5, 45133, Essen.

In the evening you meet again to bring the weekend to a close. Location will be the bistro “Le Bisou” and the swimming pool at the “Hotel Bredeney” again. Sweet cocktails will perfectly match the delicacies from the grill.

After dinner, the pool area is going to sparkle with light and sound. Wear your latex outfits one more time and take a swim, relax or celebrate with your friends. Experience the freedom to live, show and enjoy our fetish at the whole hotel area. The “Fetish Evolution Weekend” will climax and reach a finalé but we will see each other again for sure. At the latest at Easter 2017.


Europe’s biggest, most colorful and most elaborate fetish and BDSM weekend is, as every year, the highlight of the international fetish scene. Producers and designers will present a large variety of excusive products on several thousand square meters. Among them, some of the most famous models of the fetish scene will also join them. Get ready to meet Onna Sakura, Psylocke, Starfucked, Arzu Kaos, Candid Lavin, Cassandra, Celene Nox, Cyprin, Dani Divine, David, Diva Nova, Ellen Lovebite, Fetisch Narzisse, Fraulein Aurora, Mistress HIBIKI, Honeyhair, Iris Sam, Kassi, Kiet Katharsis, Kikki, Kitsune Inari, Koko Jo, La Trisha, Lara Aimee, Lara Larsen, Mandy Xotoxic, Marion Feline, Octokuro, Peachy, Pluschpeitsche, Prestige Mieze, Sabien Demonia, Salvation, Sarathustra, Satoria, Sister Sinister, Stella Curve, Stella Von Monroe, Sugarfairy, Sulastri, Tanja Borissova, Valerie Vale, Vivian Vaine, Zara Axeronias and Zara DuRose.


Fetish Evolution Weekend Ticket Deluxe Package VIP – €259

Fetish Evolution – The Ball VIP – €75

Fetish Evolution – The Ball – €49

International Fetish Gala & Buffet Dinner & Fetish Evolution Nuit Bizarre Party – €79

Fetish Evolution Nuit Bizarre Party – €39

Highgloss Fashion Art – Expo 2 Days – €29

Highgloss Fashion Art – Expo 1 Day – €19

Chill Out BBQ Dinner & Pool Party – €29

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
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