Are You A Designer 728×90

Jade Vixen in ego assassin Latex Leopard Bikini

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Ego Assassin were founded in November 2005 in Toronto, Canada. They are a latex design and screen printing team, while they specialize in modern styles and original prints and graphics.

As they say, they find inspiration in the future, metropolitan life, late nights that turn into brilliant mornings, acts of heroism and villainy, and sexy people running around naked. They offer high-end laser-cut and screen-printed latex clothing and accessories and they have really gained our interest.

Looking for a latex bikini for your oncoming vacations? We found the perfect one for you. And you know, if Jade Vixen approves…

This Latex Bikini Leopard Print Top & Thong, is simple and yet the right bikini to reveal your inner animal. The Top has a front clasp for ease of wear.

Size: The size of the Bikini Set comes in XS and S.
Color: The color of the Bikini Set is Transparent Natural with black trim with copper and black leopard screen print.

Price: €83.19 – Find it HERE.

Photography: Jerry Bennett, Andrew Mann.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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