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Jade Vixen – The Asian Fetish Beauty

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Jade Vixen was born on September 25, 1984 and she is one of the most infamous Latex and Glamour Model and Performer!

Her fetishes are Latex, Extreme High Heels, Tight Lacing, Corsets and of course… Nylon Stockings. She loves them. Her black, long, shiny hair and her tiny waist make her so hard to resist to. And why do so anyway? Being one of the main models of Westward Bound, this beauty has also cover for Marquis Magazine, the most notorious fetish magazine in the world. And why wouldn’t she?

Size Dimensions

Bust: 32”

Waist: 22”

Hips: 35”

Cups: D

Dress: 0

Shoes: 6.5

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Photography: Photosbyvance, Derek Wesley, Capricorn Images, Jerry Bennett, Red Sky Photography, Viva Van Story Photography, Karl Doyle, Kilker Photography, Peter Czernich, Team Rockstar Images, Miss Studio-X, Dastardly Dave Photography, Richard Bacchus, Loic Dorez Photography, Mickle Design Werks, David Moser HMPhotography, Kenny Lee Photography, Alejandra Guerrero, Jeff Hui, Limirsmath, Belinda Bartzner Photography, ArchEnemys Studios, Paul Allan, Barbarian Media, Delphine Ayache, bommi (Thomas burgraff), coJac Photography.  

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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