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Kataxenna Kova – The Top Corset Model

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Kataxenna Kova is an international fetish and glamour model, widely recognized for her unique and distinctive beauty. Her incredible waistline makes her one of the world’s top corset models. She was born on February 14, 1985 in London, UK and she has managed to become one of the most notorious Fetish Models in the fetish scene.

With a natural talent for constant re-invention of her vivid style and experimentation in new looks, she has created a compelling image of female perfection, able to seduce nearly everyone (at least definitely her more than 1m. social media followers). Unlike most models whose looks and style associate them with a particular image, genre or fetish, the essence of Kataxenna’s ability to adapt and experiment inspires fresh excitement whether modelling beachwear in the Canary Islands or a latex catsuit in Berlin.

Never one to shy from rich vibrant colors and projecting bold sexual female energy, she elevates the image of hyper-real goddess beyond current trends of androgynous female submissiveness. Her extreme curves and irresistible profile create unique sexy, beautiful images that captivate the imagination and libido of every red blooded male. At least.

She inspires a diverse image of female iconography incorporating 90s American Playboy glamour, voluptuous Russ Meyer vixens, classic Bond girl elegance with Kataxenna’s very own colorful eccentric latex twist that defines her trademark look. But in case you ask her about her sexiest part, she will answer you that her mind will be it.

She has modelled for nearly every major fetish brand, including House of Harlot, Lady Lucie Latex, Kimber Zorenko, Torture Garden, Loaded, Deisoulle, Playboy, Metal Hammer, Bondinage, Libidex, Fairy Goth Mother, Liberation and Classic Rock, ASD Latex and Pandora Deluxe and Dead Lotus Couture.  

She attends every huge Fetish Event, including Dominatrix NL and Sexhibition 2016, while she has been on the cover of Marquis Magazine, the most notorious international fetish magazine, Latecstasy and Bedeseme.


Height – 5’ 8” (173cm)
Weight – 60kg
Chest – 32E
Waist – 22” (17” Corsetted)
Hips – 38”
Hair – Varies (Naturally blonde)
Eyes – Blue
Ethnicity – Polish / Russian / Italian
UK Dress Size – 8 / 10
UK shoe size – 6

Photography: Perry Wanrooij. Luci Alice Photography, Gary Clutterbuck, Simon Fairclough, Peter Czernich,  Phoebus Kalista, Mike Cohen, coJac Photography.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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