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Katerina Piglet – The Russian Latex Model

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Katerina Piglet is a Fetish Model from Moscow, Russia. She is in love with latex, gag balls and heavy rubber hoods. She also enjoys fetish, fashion, photography, Hello Kitty, sex, modelling, BDSM, movies, music, design and Italian food.

On the other hand, we are in love with her.

Fetish Shop: What is your fetish?

Katerina Piglet: Latex, masks (hoods), high heels, belts, harnesses and gags.

FS: What inspired you to become a fetish model and when did you try on your first fetish item?

KP: I was inspired not by something, but from someone. My inspiration is my man. He helped me to open up, helped me express what I had always been, but I had neither the strength nor the courage to show it. Now the fear of being misunderstood is left somewhere in the past. That day, he just invited me to try on a dress made of latex and I felt myself like a different person, strong and sexy at the same time. The most inspiring moment of disclosure was my first experience of course.
FS: What are your favorite fetish brands?

KP: My wardrobe consists mainly of clothes from and I like to communicate and collaborate with them. I had also an experience with the clothes from Simon O. and DeMask. Of course I would like to diversify the list of companies, I love brands such as Tableaux Vivants and William Wilde and I dream about a mask from Rubber55.

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot? (Or before and after?)

KP: The most extreme moment was during the New Year’s shooting in 2015. We found the most beautiful and large fig tree in Moscow, standing in the street near the central metro station. For this photo shoot, I had to change clothes in the WC of «Starbucks» in this small room. I was wearing a pile of clothes, because as you know Russian winters are very severe, and anyway I dressed up really fast and scared not to touch the walls of the toilet. Finally it was accomplished! I went out in a black latex catsuit into the cafe. Waiters and visitors starting taking pictures with me, and then I had to go outside in the cold and snow to start the shooting. I was warmed up by a Santa cap and a mini dress made of plush.
FS: How do you feel wearing latex?

KP: I feel like a superhero, invincible and very confident.

 FS: Master or Slave? (Or other?)

KP: Switch!

FS: How much different your fetish persona from your personal life is?

KP: My fetish life is very closely linked with the real life. It is mostly the same, because I wear latex not only during the photo sessions, I have contact with latex almost every day, I’ve got a lot of it my life, so it is difficult to talk about the differences.
FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages?

KP: Unfortunately no, I don’t have a website, but we’re working on it. I am on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.
FS: If someone wants to support you, do have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

KP: It will also appear when we’ll have the website.

FS: What is the most interesting “accident” you had during your fetish life?

KP: Each photo shooting has its own interest, each time we are going out to for”business”, it is a little trip with adventures.
FS: What are your dimensions?

KP: Hips 95, waist 62, chest 88 and shoe size 37.

FS: Do have a fetish unaccomplished dream?

KP: There is always something to strive for, it is impossible not to have a dream. At the moment my dream is a trip to the «Montreal Fetish Weekend» because in Russia there are no such type of events. And I would also love to be on the «Marquis Magazine» cover.
FS: What makes you feel sexy?

KP: A lipstick on the lips, a chewing gum, and of course tight latex on my fanny.

Photography: Bulltosh Photography.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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