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La Poupette – The Hardcore Fetish Model

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Fetish Shop: Tell us a little bit about you. What is your fetish?

La Poupette: What interesting things can I tell about me? Let me use the words of a famous song by Meredith Brooks: I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint and I do not feel ashamed!

For almost 13 years, now, I’ve been a member of the fetish scene. It already started many years ago as a child, when I discovered an addiction to iron and medieval bondage gear. Later, I found my passion for pony play, for latex, masks and gasmasks. These days, I really enjoy the complete enclosure in heavy rubber and I love inflatable rubber items.

FS: Tell us about your career. How did you get started?

LP: I started modeling in 2004. At this time, I was an absolute beginner. First, I did photo shoots just for fun. I started to work for a boot fetish website, which was all about Buffalo T24400 boots. In 2005, I started to run my personal website and it became a raving success for years. The main issue of Fetish Model Pupett was a combination of latex and heavy rubber outfits, chastity devices, steel bondage and pony play. During this period, I shot incredible amounts of photos and video clips featuring many outstanding fetish models from Europe and USA. I travelled a lot and regularly attended big fetish events like Fetish Evolution, BoundCon or San Francisco Folsom Street Fair. In 2008, I took some time off for personal reasons and finally restarted my model career in 2013 as La Poupette. There’s a slight difference in the name, which also shows my personal development and the changes in the way I’ve been dealing with the public appearance as a fetish model on one hand and the need for privacy on the other. Today, I closely collaborate with my dear friend and favorite photographer Matthias Wallmeier (EigenART fotographie), who gave permission to use his photos for illustration, here. Furthermore, I am a presenter at RFTV, which is the first fetish and bdsm web-tv created by the makers of the fetish label Rubber’s Finest. And, of course, I’m still passionate about photo shoots and film productions that meet my marked preferences as well.

FS: What was your first fetish item?

LP: My first real fetish item was an Access Denied chastity belt. Actually, I wore it almost 24/7 for about two years.

FS: What is your most loving fetish garment? The one you can’t live without?

LP: Oh, it’s hard to mention just a single garment. Probably, I couldn’t live without my simple black rubber catsuit, which serves as the basic garment under a few more layers of rubber.

FS: You are a Fetish Model and you are also a presenter at RFTV.  What excites you most?

LP: It’s absolutely not the case, that the one excites me more than the other one. Basically, both excite me in a similar manner. It’s just different ways to act in front of a camera.

FS: You say you are interested in Heavy Rubber, Ponyplay, Chastity Belts, Medieval and Steel Bondage Gear. If you had to choose one, what would that be?

LP: Heavy Rubber, definitely!!!

FS:  What are your favorite fetish brands?

LP: My favorite fetish labels are Jazzy Fashion, Rubbers Finest and Studio Gum.

FS: What do you consider your career highlights so far?

LP: One big highlight was my first trip to Canada and USA in 2005. I started my tour in Vancouver, where I first met JG-Leathers, the inventor of “The Creature”. He is a wonderful and kind person and I still appreciate him as a dear friend. Together we travelled down the American West Coast, all the way down from Vancouver to San Francisco. I met Jeff Gord, who was a genius regarding to the incredible machines and bondage devices he build and it was a pleasure to work with him. Finally, I fell in love with San Francisco. I felt so warmly welcome and it was a blast to meet all the lovely fetish people around there. I had so much fun working with Mark from, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with gorgeous Rebecca Wilcox. Her book “The human pony” contains many photos of me as a pony girl, which is a big honor. My latest highlight was a heavy rubber bondage session shoot with the lovely Mistress Kim van Ingen, just a few weeks ago. This was a very intense experience with a more than stunning lady and I was very happy to finally have her as my guest for an RFTV interview.

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot?

LP: This is hard to say, because I did so many extreme things during my photoshoots. And, first of all, I did it because I WANTED to do it, not because I HAD to. I think one of the most extreme things I ever did was hanging down from the ceiling about 6 meters above the floor in Jeff Gord’s house. I was dressed in heavy rubber from tip to toe, breath controlled with an inflatable balloon hood, fixed in an extreme bondage with e-stim, blind and helpless, just to feel the reactions of my body and mind even more intense.

FS: What are your dimensions?

LP: I’m 163 cm of height and I wear size S (34/36). My bra size is 75 B and I’m happy with it, although I sometimes enjoy to wear some bigger boobs under the catsuit, too.

FS: Do you have any ideas of shoots or performances you hope to do in the future? Anything special you’d love to shoot?

LP: First, I hope to have the opportunity to do even more extreme heavy rubber shoots in the future. I don’t care about my hair and make-up, I just want to go beyond the limits and enjoy myself finding out what my body and mind are able to bear. Second, I’m going to work more frequently for RFTV, but what exactly the plans are in detail is still top secret.

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages? If someone wants to support you, do you have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

LP: Actually, I don’t run a personal website myself, but there are a lot of my pics and videos available spread on the internet, just enter the term Fetish Model Pupett. Furthermore, there’s my official Facebook La Poupette Fanpage to get in touch and to follow my current activities.

Thank you very much for the interview and, especially, for your patience!

Photography: EigenART fotographie.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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