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La Trisha – The German Dominatrix & Model

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La Trisha is a Latex, Alternative, Tattoo, Fetish Model and Mistress of passion! We love her.

Fetish Shop: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

La Trisha: I love what I do! I like being part of the “scene” and I enjoy my fetish whenever I can. I am a fetishist by conviction and passion. 

FS: What is your fetish?

LT: Most of all I love latex, masks and rubber and I want to wear them as much as possible… But also love boots, high heels and crazy outfits! But in latex I feel most comfortable. 

FS: Tell us about your career. How did you get started?

LT: I started by chance many years ago. I am addicted since then. 

FS: Why Latex? What do you love about it?

LT: I love the sensation of wearing latex but particularly I feel extremely sexy when I wear it.

Women are always dressed well when they wear latex. Latex always looks beautiful and makes your figure finer. You simply feel great!


FS: What was your first fetish item?

Trisha: That was latex lingerie. 

FS: What is your most loving fetish garment? The one you cannot live without?

LT: My entire fetish wardrobe. 

FS: What are your favorite brands fetish?

LT: My “Borg“ Mask.

FS: What do you consider your career highlights so far?

LT: Definitely the shows on stage and a few photo shootings which were really very special.

 FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do in a photoshoot?

LT: Most extreme? I think it was a shooting when it was pretty hot. I was 8hrs entirely covered in latex and a mask under the burning sun at 35 degrees.

 FS: Do you have any ideas of shoots you’re hoping to do in the future? Anything special you’d love to shoot?

LT: I wish I can continue doing everything I like. Everything which is funny and exciting. I don’t have special expectations or detailed plans. Everything fun is welcome! 

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media websites? Do you have an online campaingn for those who want to support you (Patreon)?

LT: I have a Facebook Page. I also have Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and a YouTube Account.

Photography: Vader PhotoArts, EigenART fotographie, Ramona Stanek • Photography, bommi (thomas burggraf)Wowart.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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