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Lady Lucie Latex – Bunny Girl Bodysuit

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Lady Lucie Latex is a London based fashion designer, costumier, corsetiere and couture dressmaker and they create really stunning designs worn some of the world’s greatest fetish models! And this is why we love it!

All along with the whole Easter atmosphere, we wanted to find something festive and yet sexy for our next fetish event. And we managed to do so! This beautifully constructed, waist reducing Corseted Bunny Girl Bodysuit worn by the gorgeous Threnody in Velvet, is steel boned, with 9 separate body shaping panels and modesty panel section behind the laces on the back. It is made using the highest quality maximum thickness latex, available in a variety of different colors. All of their corsets are made to reduce the natural waist by up to 4”. For example, if your waist naturally measures 28” you will fit a 24” corset. If your waist measures 25” you should round down and inch to fit into a 20” corset to ensure the best possible fit. Just to have in mind!

To complete the outfit, match it with the Bunny Girl Ears and the Bunny Cuffs!

Size: The corset size varies from 18 inch to 30 inch and it can even be Made-To-Measure.

Color: There is a great variety of colors to choose from.

*Shown in Baby Pink.

Price: £350 – Find it HERE.

Model: Threnody in Velvet.
Iberian Black Arts.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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