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Lara Larsen in Cherry Blossom Latex Outfit

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We literally can’t get enough of Lara Larsen! Each photo shooting she makes along with Norman Richter, her favorite photographer, becomes our favorite as well! This time, she made the Cherry Blossom & Latex Photo Shoot and we had to post about it ASAP! Thanks Lara!

This shoot features the Bordelle-L’Amour Rose Dress by Westward Bound. It is an iconic stern dress, where the high neck and full length sleeves encase the dress and hug the wearer. What makes the dress so special, is the beautifully printed lace-back pane. It has a concealed three-quarter length back zip for an ultimate stylish look is blended with a glorious scoop lace printed front; finished perfectly with a detailed handmade rose detail on the collar. Seductive shaped seams slide down the dress, to sculpt a wonderful silhouette with a strong historic lineage.

The leggings are the Skin Tight Latex Leggings by Simon O.

Size: The size of the dress can vary from UK6 to UK26.

Color: There is a great variety of available colors.

*Shown in P.S Fuchsia with P.S Purple Trim.

Price: $299 – Find it HERE.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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