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Laura Paradise – The Latex Barbie

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Laura Paradise is a Bomb! A true latex bomb.

Laura was born in Germany in 1990 and has driven us crazy with her magnificent body and face. She loves latex and she has been modelling for Simon O. for years. Her greatest loves are shinny leggings and everything glittery. We literally wait impatiently for new photos of her in latex and lingerie. Until then, ave a look at the interview she gave Fetish Shop.

Fetish Shop: Tell us a little bit about you.

Laura Paradise: I am a German girl from Munich. I love the outdoors, almost as much as I love Latex. I like to go to the movies. I’m a simple girl that likes the simple things. For example, I love to eat fast-food… Just contact me and I will tell you more.

FS: What is your fetish?


FS: Tell us about your career. How did you get started?

LP: Because of the way I look,I got into modeling very early. But I became part of the fetish modelling because of Simon O. He saw in me what noone had seen before and sent me my first catsuit. From that point on, there was no turning back.

FS: Why latex? What do you love about it?

LP: What’s not to love about Latex? The way I look in Latex, the way it feels, the way it smells, it sounds… I would say there are a thousand things to love about latex.

FS: What was your first fetish item?

LP: My first item was a red catsuit. A gift from Simon O.!

FS: What is your most loving fetish garment? The one you can’t you live without?

LP: I love the short and really tight ones. The one garment I really cannot live without, is my Yellow Latex Top and the yellow latex leggings. Simon made it after my specifications. And since then, you can find them in his shop. That was a huge honor to me.

FS: What are your favorite fetish brands?

LP: You might already guess, after my previous answers…it is Simon O., no other brand touches my skin, as this does.

FS: What do you consider your career highlights so far?

LP: My career highlights? Every day a fan tells me, that I made him find his sexual fulfillment and inspired him to try latex. This is my every day career highlight!

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot?

LP: Usually I do the most extreme things outside the set. I bet that makes you curious… Well, look at my Social Media and personal website and you will find out.

FS: What are your dimensions?

LP: Height: 172cm, Weight, 52kg, Shoe Size: 39, Cup Size: 75C, Waist Size: 58, Hips: 85.

FS: Do you have any ideas of shoots you’re hoping to do in the future? Anything special you’d love to shoot?

LP: I love to do outdoor shoots. And I really would like to bring more Latex to the Playboy magazine. But who knows what future brings.

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages? If someone wants to support you, do have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

LP: Yes, I have two Websites. The and the I also have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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