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Marilyn Yusuf – The Eastern Challenge

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Marilyn Yusuf is a fetish model and photographer from Bulgaria, who is also a professional makeup artist. She has been modelling for more than 8 years and she is mainly interested in shooting glamour, fetish and lingerie concepts. She loves photography and many of the pictures she uploads are taken by herself. She also enjoys acting and she can belly dance!

Her long, black and wavy hair that match perfectly with her white skin have managed to make us fall in love with her. What comes to our mind when we listen to her name, is a beautiful girl showing off her modelling skills while wearing latex. At the time being, she is considered as the most popular tiny fetish model, since she is skinny with a tiny waist and yet she has gorgeous curves.

And probably this is what comes to most people’s mind, since her YouTube Channel includes hundreds of videos of herself, just walking – mostly outdoors – wearing latex clothing and high heels. With more than 30.000 subscribers and around 10.000.000 views, we can come to the safe conclusion that this is something she does very successfully! More than 60.000 followers on her Facebook account agree on that too.

She loves latex so much, that she even has her favorite clothing line, the LovnBlackLatex.

And if you love Marilyn as much as we do, you can support her online campaign at Patreon.

Her campaign aims to take what she already does to the next level and create higher quality content as well as uploading at least 5 videos a month. As she says, her goal is to show people that latex can be mainstream but it can also be classy, stylish and cute. She strongly believes that wearing latex can boost your confidence and make you look your best and therefore she tries to make other people believe that everyone should wear it!
And for doing so, she needs support. The support she gets, will help her create better videos and upload them more often, design latexwear and launch her own latex brand with affordable prices, film videos in different places and countries and of course to broaden the popularity of casual latex as well as latex fashion in general.

She certainly has our support!

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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