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Miss V – The Fabulous Pin Up Model

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Miss V is an internationally published retro style model and burlesque performer with a specialty in pin-up and fetish looks. She began her burlesque career in 2015 and has been dazzling audiences with glamorous acts ever since. While her visual aesthetic on the stage hearkens back to the vixens of the 40’s and 50’s, she loves to incorporate modern elements, such as latex fashion and her favorite post-punk and new wave music, into her acts.  She believes burlesque is an opportunity to create an intimate but fleeting fantasy which she shares with the audience.

Her portfolio is huge. She has graced the covers and pages of all today’s top pin-up magazines, including Retro Lovely, Delicious Dolls, Tease and Cake, Garters and Grills and Bachelor Pad Magazine, just to name a few.  She has had the honor of being a brand model for Sourpuss Clothing, Top Rope Tuesday, and KPS Glamour.

She has featured in Books such as Celeste Giuliano’s Keyhole Cuties, Alt Girls Halloween Coffee Table Book and Heels for Combat Boots presents Behind the Mask: The Faces of PTSD coffee table book.

She has been a brand model for Sourpuss Clothing, Top Rope Tuesday, KPS Glamour, she was the Promo Model for The Meck Haunted Mill and the Logo Model for Relentlessly Making Face Photography.

She has also featured in and covered for an amazing number of Magazines such as Retro Lovely Magazine, Delicious Dolls Magazine, Baba Lous Beauties, Atomic Bombshells Magazine, Tease & Cake, Sinical Magazine, Adore Pin UP, Drive-In Magazine, Ms. Bombshell, Pajamas Magazine, Calendar Girls, The Wave, Girls Magazine, Pinup America, Pin Up Appeal, Tassel Twirl Magazine, Lush Kittens Pinup Magazine, Peep Show Pinup Magazine, Perfectly Pinup, Garters and Grills Magazine, LSH, Pinups & Kustoms, Ivy Magazine, American Classic Magazine, Starlets & Harlots Magazine, Vintage Boudoir Magazine, Dames, Planes, & Automobiles Magazine, D’Lovely Lovelies, Depraved & D’ Lovely, Sweet Tart Pinup Magazine and Wicked Women Magazine.

She has also modelled for the Calendars for, Garters and Grills 2016, Perfectly Pinup 2015,
Pinup Paradise Delux Calendar 2014, Lush Kittens Pinup Magazine 2014, Pinup Paradise 2014
and Fashion Bombshell Magazine 2014.

And she gave Fetish Shop an exclusive interview.

Fetish Shop: What is your fetish?

Miss V: I love latex!  It feels great and I have always enjoyed being in tight spaces and, with latex, you’re basically creating a tight little space all around your body.  It feels wonderful and it looks so sexy!

FS: What inspired you to become a fetish model?

MV: I got my start doing pinup modeling and I quickly noticed there is a large intersection between pinup and fetish.  I like to think because there is something hypersexualized about both. I think doing the pinup modeling helped me to become ever more comfortable in my own skin, which allowed me to become comfortable doing fetish modeling, and I have to say nothing is more fun than the fetish photo shoots. I love to pay homage to Bettie Page with some fun retro bondage shoots and the hardest part about those is keeping a serious face!

FS: What was your first fetish item?

MV: A black leather riding crop with a rhinestone handle!

FS: What are your favorite fetish brands? 

MV: As I love latex, it will not surprise you to learn all my favorite fetish brands are latex designers.  I love Dead Lotus Couture. Their latex is impeccably made, as is Atsuko Kudo Latex. I love latex that looks like retro lingerie or fashion. That mix of an ultramodern fabric with a very old fashion style is very appealing. Plus, I think the combination can be extra naughty, because you are basically taking a style of dress that is considered rather tame by today’s standards and making it very, very sexy.

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot?

MV: I wouldn’t say I had to do it, because it was my idea 😉 but I was tied to the legs of a desk by both my wrists and ankles while wearing a bullet bra, girdle, stockings, and high heels. It was a very uncomfortable pose and, because of how I was tied, I really couldn’t move around at all, but it made my ass look great!

FS: How do you feel wearing latex?

MV: I feel truly like it is a second skin and not a garment, but a part of me. I think that is part of what makes modeling in latex feel so intimate.

FS: Master or Slave? (Or other?)

MV: I’m not really either. I prefer more of a damsel in distress role, where I am not in charge, but am being adored and cared for, maybe even worshipped sometimes!

FS: How much different your fetish persona from your personal life is?

MV: I’ve always been a very sexual person and I think the years of modeling have really allowed me to merge my modeling self and my personal self. I definitely feel more emboldened to share the sexual aspects of myself in my personal life.

FS: What is the most interesting “accident” you had during your fetish life?

MV: It was definitely in my personal life rather than in my fetish life, but I definitely had a toy “stuck” once….

FS: What are your dimensions?

MV: Height: 5’4”; Weight:  120lbs; Bust: 34C; Waist: 26” natural and 22” corseted; Hips:  36; Shoe: US Size 9.

FS: Do have a fetish unaccomplished dream?

MV: I have always wanted to do some suspension Shibari work. I love the way it looks and I can only image it feels incredible. I got to jump out of an airplane once and I remember it actually being peaceful, as there is just nothing around you. I imagine suspension work might feel similar.

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages?

MV: You can find me at my Official Website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

FS: If someone wants to support you, do have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

MV: Yes, I do have a Patreon Account. I also have an Amazon Wishlist and anyone who loves my work can also visit my Online Store where they can find Prints, Magazines and more!

Photography: Atomic Cheesecake Studios, Ken Kramer Photography, Michael Enoches, Victor Devilbliss, Ava Dae Photography, Celeste Giuliano Photography, Viva Van Story Photography,  The Adore Girls, Elizabeth Kross Photography, Pablo Raw, Perfectly Pinup.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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