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Mistress HIBIKI – The Japanese Domina

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HIBIKI, the gorgeous mistress from Japan, is in the front line as a SM perfomer, director and producer and is highly admired from bondage lovers all over the world.
She is also a mental trainer and her therapy has received a favorable reception from many people. She performs the glamorous and strong show with “RopeBondage” around the world and has also starred in several bondage and fetish themed movies. “The Woman Who Fights is Beautiful”, “SM QueenRoad Vol.05”, “SM QueenRoad Vol.14”, “Collective session Vol.01”, “Beauty and the Bondage Vol.06”, “A love representation called training”, “Collective session”, “MistressHIBIKI BEST”, “MistressHIBIKI teaches BDSM session to a lesbian slave”, “The door to SM-Slave Nina”, “Collective mistress Femdom VS tiny man”, “Abnomal Pony Race” and “MistressHIBIKI in the OWK” are just some of them.
You will also see her at almost every fetish event around the world, including DxKABUKITYOU.SMFestival (Tokyo, Japan), Fetish Weekend (Germany), FetishEvolution (Spain), Demonia (France), Wasteland (Netherlands), OWK (Czech Republic), Torture Garden (England), Montreal Fetish Weekend (Canada) and Fetish Factory (Florida, USA).

We just love her. And we invited her to answer a few questions for us.

FetishShop: What is your fetish?

Mistress HIBIKI: I have two fetishes! Wearing shiny latex and gloves of lamb leather.

FS: What inspired you to become a fetish model and when did you try on your first fetish item?

MH: It just happened when I wore my first DeMask costume (it was a corset and long tail shorts) when I felt that I was one of the super heroines in the MANGA I had seen before. I loved latex ever since.

FS: What are your favorite fetish brands?

MH: There are so many brands that it’s difficult for me to choose just one. But I love any fetish brand that creates elegant and sexy designs!

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot? (Or before and after?)

MH: Hmmm.. It is really tough when we have to make a photoshoot in a bad weather. Although the weather is so cold and windy sometimes, I try to convince myself that I have visited a tropical island until it’s over!

FS: How do you feel wearing latex?

MH: I feel like one of the super heroines of MANGA!

FS: How much different your fetish persona from your personal life is?

MH: Not so different.

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages?

MH: There is my Official Website. There are also my Facebook and my Twitter Account.

I also have a YouTube Account with 1.000 subscribers!

Q: If someone wants to support you, do have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

MH: I am thinking of doing something like that in the future, if there was someone that wants to support me. But I have never seen such a sweet guy.

FS: What is the most interesting “accident” you had during your fetish life?

MH: I never had an “accident” in my fetish life so far.

FS: What are your dimensions?

MH: Height: 160cm.

Bust: 88cm.

Waist: 58cm.

Hips: 90cm.

Shoesips: 24cm.

FS: Do have a fetish unaccomplished dream?

MH: I would love to get my own dungeon, because it’s illegal in Japan.

FS: What makes you feel sexy?

MH: I get really excited when I find submissive girls who dress up in a maid dress!

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Are You A Designer 728×90

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