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Ophelia Overdose – The Amazing Model & Artist

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Ophelia Overdose is a professional model, designer, performer, make-up artist and stylist since 2011. This girl is the most fabulous creature we have seen so far.

Although Ophelia is only 23 years-old, her credits are astonishing. She has been published in Sinical Magazine, Von Gutenberg Magazine, HR Magazine, while she has been the cover girl of Marquis, the most extravagant fetish magazine. She also took party in Montréal Fetish Weekend ’11 and Fetish Evolution Ball 2012. And it doesn’t stop here. One instant she is organizing a fashion show, where she will also be one of the performers on stage. A moment later she is sitting in front of her sewing machine and breathing life into another self-designed fashion creation. She used to show it in fashion shoots and on stage.

The clothes, wigs and accessories that are used in most of the photo shootings she makes are hand-crafted by the artist herself. There is a bit of Ophelia’s personality in every aspect of her photos, not just her physical body’s expression. This is just unbelievable!

She even owns an Online Store where you can find everything she designs.

She has worked for a vast numbers of designers in a short space of time. Somehow it seems that Ophelia has in mind to rule the world with her modelling.
It might be her petite figure with her slim waist that can be laced in a corset down to a tiny 15,8 inches tight, or her natural hair with a length of 33,4 inches. The flexibility of her body is not any less impressive, but maybe it is just the fact that Ophelia is doing everything in perfection.

She has also designed her own Performances, the Millennium Robot Show, the Kinky Candy Show, the Cotton Candy Burlesque and the Vampire Gorelesque Show.

Photography: Gary Clutterbuck Photography, Kyrian, Hart Worx, Moritz Maibaum Photography, Photographie Martin Strauß, Dougie Smith, Stefan Gesell, Erik von GutenbergJanus Photography & Art, A.M.Lorek Photography, Philipp Ganzer, Peter Czernich, Julian M Kilsby, Blende 1.2, Atixo GmbH, Stefan Gesell Photography, Jamari Lior.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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