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Plunge: An Immersive Fetish Experience

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Plunge is a brand new fetish vacation week taking place for the first time this year between April 30 and May 7 at the Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica.

Immerse yourself in 7 days and nights of wet, kinky, fetish fun! Plunge is a week long fetish event at Hedonism II, an all-inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica. Dress up in your favorite fetish wear and play and party with kinksters from around the world!
Spend your afternoons relaxing on the beach or lounging by the Plunge Pool in fetish wear, swimwear or even completely bare! Dress up for dinner in your fetish best and then play and party all night in our private play space beside the water and beneath the stars.
Parties such as the Private Play Space, Cabaret and Lounge – Onyx & Azure are the private BDSM play space, cabaret, and lounge. Each night, the Plunge Pool will be transformed into a private play space with music and lights, a suite of new dungeon furniture and a crew of friendly freaks and you will be a part of it!
Nightly Fetish Themes – Explore a fetish that’s new to you or indulge your passion for a favorite one each night, with demonstrations and installations and lots of perverse play!
Saturday April 30 : The Atomic Age and Bettie Mae Page
Draw your inspiration from the pages of John Willie’s Bizarre magazine, Fetish fashion from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! Pin-up girls and pin-up boys. Girdles and stockings, hot pants with halter tops.

Sunday May 1 : Cirque Bizarre
We fetishist love a dog and pony show! Pony play, Kitty play, Puppy play! Put on your jodhpurs, boots and riding hats. Ring Mistresses and Ring Masters and Lion tamers too! Side show freaks and surreal circus clowns!

Monday Afternoon May 2 : “We are here to PUMP YOU UP!”
This is the party for inflatable things! Inflatable sleep sacks in the pool? Of course! Blow up boobies? They’ll be welcomed in pairs! We’ll have balloons you can climb into and balloons you can float on. Bring your blow up clothing and we’ll bring the air compressor.

Monday Evening May 2 : Cock Apocalypse
Cod pieces, cock cages, and strap-ons . Oh My! Whether you were born with one, captured and caged one or just bought yours on-line, this is the night to show it off! So strap it on or wrap it in rubber or subject it to CBT, because we’re going to celebrate, thru fetish and play, all things phallic!

Tuesday May 3 : DU-al-ITy Till It Hurts!
Celebrate the two parts that make us whole! Doms/subs, Tops/Bottoms, Pain/Pleasure, Piety/Wickedness, or indulge that other side of yourself that needs a night out, Drag Kings and Queens, Switches that love it both ways!

Wednesday May 4 : B.D.S.hmmM? (bling, diamantes, sequins, marabou)
Sparkly bits and glittery tits are on the menu tonight. We’re dining in fetish semi-formal at Pastafari this evening. The chef recommends Showgirls topped with Burlesque or Boylesque. Don your best black and white fetish wear and then after dinner get black and blue at Onyx & Azure.

Thursday May 5 : Shiny, Slick, Hot and Wet
If you can manage the first three, come to the play space and we’ll take care of the last. This is the night for Latex lovers! Wear cat-suits, corsets, frock coats or gowns! Whatever it is we’ll love it if it’s latex!

Friday May 6 : Burning Yah-Man!
Is it anything like that famous festival in the Nevada desert? No, it is and will be completely, wholly and legalistically different! Our beachside bonfire night will have a pool, hot tubs, hot showers, flushing toilets, mild temperatures and tropical breezes! All expressions of fetish will be included on our last night of playing, perving and partying!

Plunge is the creation of the veteran international event producer and fetish bon vivant known to everyone simply as Kip, who explains: “Long before Plunge even had its name, I was immersing myself in other people’s perversions — not by watching them online or in print, but by indulging in those perversions with them at fetish events. I know first-hand to what lengths people will go to live their kinks. Plunge is a reflection of that knowledge. It’s my intention to produce an event which will support and enable kinky interactions and eliminate the things that encumber them.”

This all-new event is immersive in many ways, claims its American creator.

Fetishism and BDSM are both a part of the Plunge experience, we’re promised. Attendees will enjoy the privilege of playing in ways that the resort does not normally allow — with play permissible anywhere on the resort.

Fetishists may show off or discipline their ponies, puppies, maids or submissives. They may encase them in shrink wrap and then send them down the water slide or suspend them from a tree or cabana. “Plunge is also literally immersive,” adds Kip. “Fetishists can get wet in three hot tubs, three pools, a four-storey water slide and the Caribbean Sea.

The event also features a rewards programme, Fet-Set, that has been created exclusively for Plunge. Fet-Set rewards fetishists with points for attending the event, and for joining in fetish game shows, karaoke, the play auction and many other activities.

Plunge points can be used towards purchases of fetish wear and accoutrements in Plunge Boutique, the event’s on-site pop-up fetish shop.

They can pay for spa treatments at the resort’s Blue Mahoe onsite spa, or for discounts on Plunge 2017.

Plunge is an all-inclusive event. Fetishists won’t need to think about carrying a credit card around with them because airport transfers, accommodation, drinking, dining, resort activities and entertainment as well as the exclusive Plunge Pass itinerary are all included in the package price. The only thing not included is the cost of outward and return flights to Jamaica from your home location. Plunge’s all-inclusive pricing begins at $1,690(approx. £1,100 or €1,520) per person for the entire week.

Here’s what’s included in the all-inclusive package:

Club Mobay airport arrivals experience – no lines, no stress, no hassle. Relax!

Ground transport – Round trip via bus between Montego Bay Airport and Hedonism II

Express check in at Hedonism II – You may be tired but we’re not! Bypass the front desk and come straight to the Plunge Desk and we will check you in.

Accommodations for 7 nights on Hedonism II.

Meals. Including dining on the Main Terrace 4 times daily, 2 restaurants and 2 beachside grills, all within walking distance of your room.

Beverages, including beer, house wines and champagne, and cocktails made with top shelf liquors

Hedonism II resort activities: Sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling and kayaking, Scuba diving (4 days weekly, PADI cert. not included) Tennis, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard and clapping along to the music Basketball, volleyball, Air-conditioned fitness center.

Plunge Pass – These features are exclusively for Plunge attendees ONLY. Access to all of the exclusive Plunge Parties and the private play space Fet-Set – A rewards program designed for fetishists Boutique Plunge – Their onsite shop for exquisite fetish wear and BDSM gear. The Plunge Lounge – the private departure lounge at Montego Bay Airport.

Club Mobay Airport Departure Experience – Say your last goodbyes until next year. Private Plunge Lounge with complimentary bar, snacks and Wi-Fi.

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