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Roshie – Ropes, Candles & Latex

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Roshie is an internationally published Fetish, Alternative and Pin-up Model. She is so fresh and beautiful. This is what we love about her. And this is why we asked her to give Fetish Shop an exclusive interview.


Fetish Shop: Tell us a little bit about you. What is your fetish?

Roshie: I am a 23 year old South Africa expat living in Sydney Australia via England. As you can probably gather I love to travel, and I have many fetishes! I love ropes, rubber and D/s power play / power exchange most of all!

Rope for me is a tool in which to connect people together, I do enjoy the rope itself, the smell, the texture as it grazes across my skin, but mostly I like how it can be used to make someone completely vulnerable. It can be used to torture, but also to relax. The applications are endless, it’s about conveying intent.

It’s also a beautiful art form which I find aesthetically pleasing. Like wrapping up a present! With rubber I like how it’s shiny and encapsulating. It’s like a hug, and being naked all at once. I love the way it skims the curves, and accentuates the features of the wearer.

I love the way it feels on my skin, when I glide my hands across it, and I absolutely adore the way it smells. You won’t find any chlorinated latex in my cupboard! 😉

FS: Tell us about your career. How did you get started?

R: I actually started doing regular modelling when a photographer friend of mine who’d been asking me to model for him for a long time eventually convinced me to do it. But I didn’t realize that it would lead me into fetish modelling or that I was interested in it at all at the time!

Fast forward past a couple of jobs where I get put in leather/ latex/ rope and I discover that I’m actually really kinky, and had no idea!

I started going to fetish events and meeting people in the scene who were very helpful and accommodating, and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted because I had been repressing a lot of the ‘uncouth’ thoughts in my head, and now I know that it’s all ok! I’m not the only one!

FS: What was your first fetish item? 

R: I bought myself a pair of black elbow length latex gloves. I smothered them in lubricant so they were all pretty and shiny, and didn’t take them off for hours! I would come home from a hard day and put them on and just feel relaxed. Latex therapy!

FS: What is your most loving fetish garment? The one you can’t you live without?

R: I have this tight lacing corset made out of thick rubber, it’s beautiful and creates such a gorgeous silhouette! 

FS: You are a Model and you are also a fire performer, you pole dance, you do aerial hoop and you love Shibari! What is it that you are most passionate about? 

R: I love all of these things! Each one allows me to experience a different kind of thrill, so I practice all of these in moderation, often I get burned when I do fire performing, I get scrapes and calluses from aerial hoop, bruises from pole, and nerve pain from rope, all of them are a little risky and dangerous, it gives me a rush!

However I’m also sensible. If I did all of these things every day my body would be pretty bashed up! So I rotate and ensure I always take care of my body. It’s the only one I’ll ever have! 

FS: You are a Fetishist with a massive fetish wardrobe. What are your favorite fetish brands?

R: For latex I love Westward Bound, House of Harlot, Kaori’s Latex Dreams, Simon O., and Rubber Republic.

For heels you can’t beat Pleaser, but I’ve yet to acquire a pair of latex boots (which they don’t sell- my only qualm with them). So if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas!!.. I’m a US/ Aus 7, Eu 37 !

FS: What do you consider your career highlights so far?

R: Recently I got to work with Ulorin Vex, who has been an idol of mine for years. I used to study images of her work to learn about posing, so that was a little surreal for me. She was incredible though, she is a machine! After the shoot she stayed over at my house so we got to hang out and I took her sightseeing! Definitely a highlight! 

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot? 

R: I once got chained to a post in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, and a homeless man wondered in on the scene… Luckily I wasn’t gagged! Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to explain that everything was fine, and that I was there doing a photo shoot and not there against my will when he started jumping to conclusions! He rushed at the photographer, but everything was fine in the end! No one was injured 🙂

FS: What are your dimensions?

R: 34/26/36

FS: Do you have any ideas of shoots or performances you hope to do in the future? Anything special you’d love to shoot?

R: I’m currently working on a burlesque show with latex and a really vampy kind of tune. I would highly conceptualized shoots. Telling a story in the imagery is challenging, it takes more creativity. 

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages? If someone wants to support you, do have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

R: I’m currently in the process of setting up a Patreon, and will post it on my social media when it’s ready, so for now the best way to support me is to find me on Instagram and on Facebook!

Photography:  Gavin Moroney, Leslie Liu, Lee Nutter, Kurt Reid/ Blackbulb Imagery,, Robert Coppa – Photographer, Ashlee Savins Creative, Soul Focus Studio, Vanity Fair Photography Studio, BayotR Photography,, Christine Dengate Photography, Tim Hunter, Sator. Lauren Horwood Photographer.

MUAH: Tayla, Joshua Cavanagh.
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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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