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RubAddiction – Latex Bleacher Jeans

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RubAddiction manufactures Handcrafted Quality Latex and is based in Berlin.

RubAddiction manufactures all products with care and passion for detail and quality. The seams of the latex clothing are accurately joined with a special adhesive.  Areas of the material that demand a high flexibility (for example: armpits and crotch area) are strengthened and reinforced with additional adhesive. For protecting sensitive body parts Rub Addiction uses rubberized 100% cotton fabric lining to fit eyelets, press studs, snaps, and rivets. All zippers are especially durable, as they are stabilized with latex and the fitted zippers are reinforced by an underlay.  In ladies collection all fitted zippers are covered (with the exception of Catsuits).

We loved the Men’s Collection and especially the many designs of their Bleacher Jeans with splatters.

Product Characteristics

The Bleacher Jeans:

  • Are straight leg cut that sits below the hip.
  • Each pair has unique bleaching.
  • Latex design and bleaching are all manufactured in-house.
  • Braces attach with clips to belt loops. Braces can be ordered in monochrome or bi-color.
  • Choose any zipper style you want. An ankle zipper can also be added for easier wear.

Size: The size of the jeans can vary from XXSmall to XXLarge or even be Made-To-Measure.

Color: The color of the jeans can be Black, Translucent, White and Blue.

Suspenders: There is the option of ordering the jeans with or without suspenders and their color.

Zipper: There is the option of ordering the jeans with or without zippers and their color.

Price: Starting from €355 and increases with every addition. – Find them HERE.

Care & Storage

  • Rinse only with clear water after wearing. The rest of the oil in the jeans is enough for storage.
  • Let the jeans dry, particularly the zip. Let the zip split open during the drying.
  • Store the jeans dry and oily in a plastic bag used normally for food (PE) and keep out of direct sunlight and ozone.
  • If you want to wash the jeans in-depth, do it before wearing and use simple hair shampoo and rinse it off with clear water. Drying is not necessary and you can oil the jeans directly in wet condition.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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