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Silas Sylvina – The Fetish Fantasy Model

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Silas Sylvina may be only 22 years old but she has a great deal to offer to the fetish world. Her greatest passion in life is to model, perform & to come up with new ideas/concepts for projects. She loves taking part into unique projects and she hates ordinary stuff. This year, she is an Official Model at Dominatrix 2016.

Let’s see what she has to say,

Fetish Shop: Tell us a little bit about you.

Silas Sylvina: I’m a young passionate woman who follows her heart, and just does what makes her happy. I’ve had a very rough time, and right now I’m enjoying everything I have, because my life is beautiful and I feel like I’m living a dream. Other than that I’m a bit crazy, very chaotic, care a lot for the people in my life, some might even say a little too much, and I’m basically always busy with working out concepts for all kinds of creative projects.

FS: What is your fetish?

SS: I’m completely obsessed with playing/acting out scenes. These are usually complete storylines my partner and I come up with, and we pretty much act them out from start ‘till end. The scenery can go from realistic to full out fantasy, soft and loving to hardcore and everything in-between. But most of the time I do end up gagged and tied up to something.

FS: Tell us about your career. How did you get started?

SS: That’s a bit of an emotional story. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline, I was extremely ill, lost everything I cared about and had pretty much given up on life. Then I got dragged to a photoshoot, and for a moment, I was able to stop hating myself, to let go of all the burdens and pain and just started having fun. Something I hadn’t been able to do for way to long. This lit a spark inside me that still burns till this day and makes strong enough to face anything.

FS: Why latex? What do you love about it?

SS: I just love the way it makes me feel. As soon as I put on a latex outfit I become this fierce diva who is ready to take on the world on her 6 inch heels. And of course latex does have that certain way to accentuate all the good curves, which is always a good thing! Also I just really love shiny stuff.

FS: You are both a Model and a Fetish Performer. What is it that you love most doing?

SS: Actually, I love doing both equally. What I love about photo shoots is that I can let all my creativity flow into that one project. I get to set the whole thing up, assemble the perfect team to do it with, write everything down from scenery till checklist, live up till the day of the photoshoot, Have an amazing day and work super hard to get everything as perfect as possible. And after the shoot is done, you get instant results. Which I like because this way you’ll know immediately how you’ve done, and what you should improve on next time to be even better. With performing it’s pretty much the opposite.  Of course you can practice a lot, but you do have one real shot, blow it and the whole thing is ruined. And I think that’s the beauty of it. The adrenaline that kicks in right before I hit the stage, the pumped up crowd, that feeling of invincibility I get when I perform, the whole experience just blows me away every time. It’s the kind of adventure I need in my life.

FS: What is your most loving fetish garment? The one you can’t you live without?

SS: The first latex lingerie outfit I got to perform in, which my dear friend Jasmine Suzanna made for me. I will cherish it forever…

FS: What are your favorite fetish brands?

SS: Oh lord, where do I begin?  Kurage, Dayne Henderson Design, Ausrie Fel, Dead Lotus Couture , Ardita Fetish Fashion, Catriona Stewart Clothing, Inner Sanctum, Marquis Fashion, Cocolate Latex, Jasmine Suzanna’s Latex. Yeah, I think that’s it… Oh no wait. Yeah that’s it.

FS: What do you consider your career highlights so far?

SS: well one of them would definitely be the Disney Princess Photoshoot with Dollhouse Photography I did not too long ago. That was a dream coming true. Besides that I had the honor to perform for Kurage two times now. I will be performing for Inner Sanctum at next editions Dominatrix, which will definitely be a highlight in my career. Being one of the cover girls on Bedeseme Magazine and having my own article was a major highlight for me, and doing this interview right now is also pretty exciting!!!

FS: What was the most extreme thing you had to do during a photoshoot?

SS: hmm, I’ve done some extreme things, but I think the most extreme one was being completely tied up, laying on a dinner table with fruit covering the intimate parts while Jasmine (Suzanna) stood next to me poring hot wax with two candles over my body while the photographer made shots of this epic display. That moment was pretty intense, but I’m so happy we did it.

FS: What are your dimensions?

SS:  My height is 1,64 cm, bust is 91 cm, cup size is C75/80 (European size) waist is 69 cm, and hips are 89 cm.

FS: Do you have any ideas of shoots you’re hoping to do in the future? Anything special you’d love to shoot?

SS: I have so many projects I still want to do. The biggest ones are the characters of the scenes my partner and I act out. They are such cool intense characters and I want to do a photoshoot of every single one of them. I’m also planning on doing a couple of very personal shoots about my past & illness. But this is pretty heavy stuff and I haven’t quite figured out how to do it right yet. What I also plan doing, are video clips the same way as I’m managing my shoots. I already have some amazing concepts in my head for this.

FS: How do you feel about being an official model at Dominatrix 2016?

SS: I’m so excited!!! Counting the days to the party!

FS: Do you have a personal website? What are your social media pages? If someone wants to support you, do have an online campaign? (I.e. Patreon)

SS: I’m currently working on a personal website, so not yet but I will soon! I have a Facebook Page,  * this is the one I’m most active on *, FetLife and Instagram. I recently joined Patreon, but I still have to put everything in place & launch my profile. When I do I’ll announce this on well, everything!

Photography: Feel Good Foto Studio, Bommi (Thomas Burggraf), Bram de Ceurt Photography, Mario Maganda Photography, Nathaly Blue Photography,, Rob van Buul.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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