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SubRosaDictum – The Secret Garden 2016

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SubRosaDictum offers extraordinary fetish and BDSM events.

Since 2008, a group of young visionaries, event professionals and scene affine people organize parties under the label “SubRosaDictum”. The frequency as well as the locations change. They want to keep the thrill and surprise you. But one thing stays: those events are cool, but also affectionately designed, affectionate celebrations, which one keeps in mind for a long time.

SubRosaDictum doesn’t just host parties. They transport emotions. Offer you a stage. Equip your dreams. With light. With music. They are your playground and they offer nights to remember.

Their parties are for guests, who enjoy partying in a remarkable atmosphere: extravagant people, attractive, striking, multifaceted and sexy. For genuine fetishistas.

“Sub Rosa Dictum” means: talking under roses. It is named after an old legend which says, that roses were sent as an expression of secrecy in an amatory adventure. Later – in the old days of Rome – at secret meetings a rose was hung up at the ceiling to remind all participants of confidentiality. And this is why you should be there.

The Secret Garden was held on August 13th. And people had great fun. Including some of the most extravagant people in the fetish scene.

Valerie Vale, Honeyhair,  Model Lady Harlequeen, Ita – It’s art, La Trisha, Celene Nox, Mary Jale, Ian Dutton,  Fräulein Katzentanz, Tinchen-rocks, Azooka, Symphony, Sainty Freya and Mrs. Brooks were only a few of those who partied hard that night.

Have an eye for their next event. Or let us do it for you.

Photography: Heinrich v. Schimmer.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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