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SubRosaDictum – Vienna Calling

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SubRosaDictum offers extraordinary fetish and BDSM events.

SubRosaDictum doesn’t just host parties. They transport emotions. Offer you a stage. Equip your dreams. With light. With music. They are your playground and they offer nights to remember.

Their parties are for guests, who enjoy partying in a remarkable atmosphere: extravagant people, attractive, striking, multifaceted and sexy. For genuine fetishistas.

You are invited at the Vienna Calling that will be held on October 29th from 21.00 to 04.00. A lot to see. You are invited to meet friends, relax and enjoy your drink. And, and don’t forget to have some fun at the exciting playing areas with some exciting people. Play, chill and dance, they have a room for all of that.

Line-Up: DJ Gillian, The Wash.

Ticket information

Only online and in the authorized pre-sale ticket venues for €58. Book your tickets HERE.

Dresscode: Sexy, fetish, evening gowns, latex, leather, shiny, lace, high heels, corsets, tuxedo, masks, burlesque, gothic, drag, cosplay.

Photography: Heinrich v. Schimmer.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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