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Wasteland 2016 – The Review

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“It’s Wasteland, the Voodoo theme, and of course we want to be part of it! I am as always expectantly when there is a new Wasteland edition, but, this time also a bit anxious. This theme brings me into confusion. Voodoo, what does it mean? Doesn’t this have to do with all sorts of dangerous superstitious practices such as the use of needles to bewitch someone? What can we expect? My friend and party partner –in crime explains to me:

Voodoo is a collective term for everything that has to do with occult religions. Voodooists are also called “servants of the spirits”. It’s the perfect theme for a fetish party! So, I suppose, once again, we are ready to expect the unexpected at Wasteland!

All dressed up, we enter the venue, the tension around us rises and soon it’s clear that we are going to experience something special. We are clearly about to witness an exciting and mind-blowing edition of Wasteland. Right here is the gathering of Modern Voodoo practitioners. Individuals who, regardless of their skin colour, their sexual orientation and their gender long to break free from their captivity in the boring, stereotyping and bourgeois world that they live in. In this suffocating society they feel as strangers, as outcasts. And tonight they have the chance to come together to exercise their own kind of occult religion: fetishism, eroticism, sexuality and eccentricity. It’s celebration time again! Time to celebrate the freedom of mind and the art of being an individual.

Tonight, the location is transformed into an idiosyncratic society. Here at Wasteland we find the true believers of an unconventional church: the fetish scene and the eccentric nightlife at its best.

The event is completely sold out. It’s busy and overwhelming but the atmosphere is great and the people look wonderful. As always at Wasteland people made quite an effort on how to present themselves. Everywhere I look, I see extravagant outfits. I see Voodoo symbols reflected in the most amazing costumes. Some are decorated with fur and bones or skull necklaces. Men are wearing pale make up with dark eyeshadow, some are dressed as undertakers, wearing top hats and old fashioned black suits. The women are wearing corsets and wilted flowers in their long, wild hair. And furthermore, I see beautiful fetish outfits in rubber and leather, hoods and masks and fabulous headpieces made of rhinestones.

The venue is decorated with enormous video walls and pictures created by various artists. And in the different areas we find decorations like life-size voodoo dolls and other mystic symbols.

With six stages we are constantly overwhelmed by spectacular shows. On the big stage we witness how a young virgin is bound and “sacrificed” (performance of Ropemarks). And during the night we see colourful dancers (Eli aka El Sultan). We glance at dangerously sexy, mesmerizing women such as performer Shelly d’Inferno and Missa Blue. Tonight, the beautiful fetish models are almost unrecognizable. They appear as strange creatures with dark faces. Dressed in spectacular theatrical costumes by designer Marko Mitanovski. There is a constant mist, there are fireworks. There is passion. Shamans pass us by, and we shiver at unexplained apparitions. And this is only a small part of the entertainment offered.

The whole atmosphere is drenched in an exciting breath taking aura of frantic sexuality. Everywhere, people are dancing, smiling, flirting and kissing. The music is uplifting and some people on the dancefloor seem almost in a trance. No wonder with four dancefloors and such a variety in DJs as Roog, Funkerman, Eluize, Hollywood & Vine, Lucien Foort, Esther Duijn, C-Jay, Killian Sawn, Lopoll & Radiosus, Sidney Still, Krien and many more.

Tonight it’s difficult to understand the difference between reality and illusion. At Wasteland we are, once again, part of a mysterious, inexplicable world. The night seems endless and it’s almost six in the morning when we leave. Outside it’s still dark and we see how daylight slowly sets in. The party is over, but the Wasteland rush remains.

And when we wake up the next day we wonder for a moment, did last night really happen or was it an illusion, a figment of our imagination? Until we discover some glitter in our hair and we realize: last night we were at Wasteland!”

 Irresistible Iris.

Overview of all Performers:

–         Skip & Die (Life)

–         Special fashion show by Marko Mitanovski (SRB)

–         Opening Show by Dennis Diem

–         The Vipers Squat

–         Maja Stina (GB)

–         Shelly D’inferno (GB)

–         Louise L’amour (PT)

–         Eli el Sultan (FR)

–         Missa Blue (GB)

–         The New Tantra

–         Lea Montravers (FR)

–         Flesh Factory



–         Miss Eris (SP)

–         Duo Raw (SE)

–         Boom Boom (UK)

–         RopeMarks

–         Phil the fetish dwarf (UK)

–         Marnie Scarlet (UK)

–         Mike Garcia (FR)

–         Marcopunk (SP)

–         Logan Moore

–         Mistress Kassi

–         Mistress Persa (GR)

–         Andromeda (UK)


Photography: Heinrich v. Schimmer, Peter Dircken.

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Are You A Designer 728×90

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