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Wasteland Amsterdam – The Review

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In the year 1994 Wasteland brought Fetishism out of the darkness of the underground and mixed it with house music and spectacular, often innovating entertainment. Wasteland is Europe’s most notorious adult playground where the fetish lifestyle is celebrated and applauded. A place with the freedom to be who you want to be.

Wasteland’s Dark Fairy Tales edition on November 28, 2015 was a great success!

Over the last two decades Wasteland has and continues to keep its audience entertained, excited and enthralled, always striving to make the next event even better than the one before. With over the 4.000 visitors at this event it’s one of the world’s biggest fetish events.  Every party has a different theme to encourage the best in costumes, outfits and décor complimenting the playful atmosphere, with a theatrical twist. Wasteland is an ‘experience’ presenting fashion shows by renowned designers, great DJ’s, VJ’s and spectacular performances that instantly arouses your fantasy. Iconic are Wasteland’s flyers, created by top photographers and artists.

On the evening of November 28, 2015, eccentric fairy tale characters arrived with hundreds at a time. They brought all their energy to the North Sea Venue, and outlived their deepest fantasies until the end. To maximize the total experience, we implemented the Dark Fairy Tales theme not only into the decorations, but also into the shows. To name a few…

Manuel Albarran showed impressive conceptual creations on the catwalk. This artistic genius masters the crafts of metal couture, leather, and corsets. His creations can also be found in movies and music videos starring various international stars, like Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, and Madonna.  Bondinage, the renowned London based fetish brand, at the other hand marveled us with their sensual fashion show. In particular, the militaristic effect, metallic shades and inflatable boobs stood out. The catwalk was filled with renowned models like Shelly d’Inferno, Dani Divine, Lara Aimee, Iris Xenia, Dutch Dame, Lotte Groeneweg, Diva Nova, Maja StinaKay Morgan, Heterandria, Mistress HIBIKI, and many more!

Grausame Töchter, this German band led by eccentric fetish diva Aranea Peel, rocked the Mainstage, pleasing the crowd with a musical twist of Industrial, EBM, and Electropunk. They unleashed a dark, grim, and uplifting aura throughout the venue with their raw, sexually charged performance.

Duo RAW, Sweden’s avant-garde entertainers, entered the stage for a series of out-of-this-world peacocking sessions. MTV IGGY once described them as “[like]a weird combination of Kylie Minogue and Marilyn Manson … Duo RAW is a pair to watch out for and/or be completely terrified of.”

These performances make up a small part of the multitude of shows. Other impressive performers included Nikita Klosewood (FR), Louise de Ville (FR), The Vipers Squat, Missa Blue (UK), Trippin Angels, Sasha Flexy (UK), Marnie Scarlet (UK), The Maniac (FI), Mistress Crash (USA), Elixir Circus Arts (UK), OlifantTakeover(NL), Wicked Fascinations (UK), Phil the fetish dwarf (UK), Go-Go Fuckers, Roxy & Alexa (NL), Domina Syonera von Styx (GER) and many more…

The DJs of the party were Funkerman, Benny Rodrigues, Roog, Lucien Foort, Dani Hageman, JoeySuki, Aiscream, Sindey Still, Roberto Stecini, Mayday, Sven Heiser, Rude Boy Marcus, Sjeazy Pearl and many more…

Visuals were also provided by Kabinet Azar, Run Paint Run, V-Tox and more…

Originality and inventiveness are key, every time Wasteland creates an atmosphere that is stylish, sensual and surprising. There is a huge diversity of hearing rousing sets of musical styles in three different rooms. Wasteland dares their guests to start their journey, explore their deepest fantasies, and to enjoy the shows, the visual art and the musical sensation. From the beginning, Wasteland aims to bring the underground scene out into the open, and to encourage the belief that being part of a fetish lifestyle in whatever degree, is something to be proud of, and has to be celebrated. Wasteland’s drive and determination hasn’t changed since its very first edition in 1994. Organizing an event for all genres regardless of sexual orientation, based on tolerance and open-mindedness, has always been the key. Becoming the premier fetish extravaganza that delivers at the highest level.

Photography: Peter Dircken. 

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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