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Wasteland – The Wildest Party On Earth!

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Wasteland brings the greatest Fetish Parties since 1994. This November, Wasteland is back and you should consider attending the wildest party of the year. It will indeed be it.

Will you be in Amsterdam on Saturday 26th of November, 2016? Well, you have to. Remember what happened last year?

Location: Four Dark Floors, Six Stages, a Smoking Area, a Luxurious Restaurant, a Lounge, a Relax Area, a fully equipped Dungeon and more, will offer you the most unique experience of 2015!

Address: North Sea Venue, Hemkade 48, Amsterdam/Zaandam.

Time: From 22.00 to 06.00.

Tickets: €49.50 – You can book your ticket HERE.

Theme: VooDoo

Shows by: Special fashion show by Marko Mitanovski, Fashion show by LeatherDesigns, Opening Show by Dennis Diem, The Vipers Squat, Maja Stina, Shelly d’Inferno, Go-Go Fuckers, Louise L’amour, Eli el Sultan, Missa Blue, Voodoo Psycho Dancers, The New Tantra, Shoe Shine Slave, Lea Montravers, Yan, Miss Eris, Duo Raw, Yusura Circus, RopeMarks, Phil the fetish dwarf, Marnie Scarlet, Mike Garcia, Marcopunk and much more…

DJs: Funkerman, Roog, Lucien Foort, Sindey Still, Sven Heiser, Sjeazy Pearl, Eluize, Holywood & Vine, Esther Duijn, Spencer Parker, C-Jay, Killian Sawn, Lopoll & Radiosus, Krien and many more…

Visuals: Kabinet Azar, Run Paint Run, Erwin Olaf and more…

Dress Code: Wasteland has a strict dress code. They expect their guests to expose creativity and fantasy into their outfits.

General Dress Code: Uniforms, Metal, Leather, Plastic, Rubber, Fetish Burlesque, Fetish Glamour, Body Art, Fetish Anima, Cross Dress, Medical, Fetish Goth, Fetish Steam-Punk, Baroque. Casual street wear and combat army uniforms are not allowed. Keep in mind that the dress code is vigorously checked by the doorbitches. The door is actually the place where playing begins. There are not refunds if the dress code is not adhered to.

Photography: Heinrich v. Schimmer, Peter Dircken.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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