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Westward Bound – Britannia Latex Lingerie Collection

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Ophelia Overdose is truly amazing. So talented and unique, that each and every photoshoot if her is a true masterpiece.

She collaborates with Westward Bound and the photoshoot she made with Moritz Maibaum Photography was fabulous. She wore garments from the Britannia Latex Collection which included the Britannia Latex Rubber Briefs, the Bra, the Fascinator, the Collar, the Mitts, the Suspender Belt and the Stockings.

The Britannia Latex Lingerie Collection comprises of stunning pieces which are beautifully crafted with fabulous box pleated ruffles, sassy bows and attention to detail, all in the British flag colors. The Collection is truly exquisite.

Size: The size of each item can vary from UK6 to UK26.

Blog entry about this shoot here:

Model, make-up, styling: Model Ophelia Overdose |

Photography & Set Design: Moritz Maibaum Photography.

Skates, googles: Miss

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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