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Klub Verboten launched in September 2015 and is the newest kinky fetish night of London.

Taking place every third Friday of the month, Klub Verboten inspires, explores and enables full body sensory desire. Through Sight and Sound, the night of Friday, November 18th and from 22.00 to 04.00, will be fully focused on providing you the path for your ultimate hedonistic exploration. The Klub welcomes, all genders and all preferences. Feel free to express yourself and your desires to one of London’s fetish events.

Get ready to let go with electronic techno sounds, kinky surroundings, respectful attitude, interesting people, a dungeon and complete freedom. There will be no gender related pricing, no table reservations, no VIP treatment and definitely no photos.

Fully equipped & large dungeon. Let your body learn.
Well stocked, cash only bar, that won’t hurt your savings.
Additional playrooms to explore.
Supervised cloak room & large changing room.
Private smoking area. Outside cool off.
Parking on street.
(Full address with ticket / membership.)

Techno. Body Music. Dark Disko. Machine Musik. Coldwave. Industrial. Unheard Pleasures. Full line-up will be announced soon. Proper sound-system.

House Domme:
Mistress of Labyrinths X Muse of the souls x Queen of late Night Secrets
Mistress Syn Ariad is a French Vampire looking for a very special kind of enlightenment, holding many candles as a lantern, with a sweet tooth for Japanese Rope Bondage, Art, Philosophy and Psychology. She lives in a twist, somehow on the other end of Masochism.

Membership Applications:
Klub Verboten is a Members Club. Memberships are free and we only require a name and email address. Become a member by filling out This Form.

Tickets/Event Contrubution: 
Pre-Sale Members £20 – Book your ticket HERE.

Dress Code: Fetish Wear, Latex, Rubber, PVC, Leather, Metal, Nylon, Drag, Chains, Studs & Naked Skin. If full latex or rubber is not your thing just be creative, we appreciate everyone making an effort. In any doubts just give Karl a shout for advice. No effort=No entry.

Location: East London X Clapton.

Rules: Be respectful. Do not interrupt or disturb. No means no. No solo wanking. No Wax play. No photos.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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