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Zhenya Merrick – The Alternative Lingerie Model

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Zhenya Merrick is an alternative model from Russia, specialized in Fashion, Pin-up, Fetish & Burlesque styles.

Zhenya was born on February 1985 in Saint Petersburg, Russia and her –naturally- incredible body and face, made her one of the most popular lingerie models that have featured in Fetish Magazines. She has featured in Redskyecomics,, Gorgeous Freaks, Kultur Magazine, The Dark Parlour, Le Purr Magazine, Striptease Magazine, Parfait Magazine,, Sugar Heart Magazine, Pin Up Perfection, Delicious Dolls, Gothica (Ukr), Suicide Betties, Str8 Vixens Magazine, Ms. Bombshell, Deadly Dessert, Bedeseme, Bella Morte, Classy Keen, Aspira Magazine, Lush Kittens, Rebelicious Mag, Sinical Magazine, American Classic Magazine, Garters and Grills, Peepshow Magazine, Xpressions, Bizarre Magazine, My Stache, Feroce Magazine, Pink Bow City, Alter Life Magazine, and Bella Morte Magazine.

She has also taken party in the Model Contest 2015 by Simon O.

Size Dimensions

Height: 164 cm.

Weight: 40kg.

Bust: 84

Waist: 56

Hips: 86

Size: XS

Shoes: 35

Hair: Brunette.

Eyes: Grey-Green.

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Are You A Designer? Do You Need Promotion? Click Here
Are You A Designer 728×90

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