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ZLATA – The Fetish Phenomenon

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Early Life

Julia Günthel (aka ZLATA) is a Russian contortion artist, actress and currently triple Guinness world record keeper. She was born on 20th October 1984 in Kzyl-Orda of Kazakhstan, grew up in Tatarstan. People payed attention to her physical abilities since she attended kindergarten. In the age of 4 years old, her teacher noticed how flexible se was and by the age of 8 she applied to go to a circus school. By the age of 10 she became a professional contortionist. At the age of 16 she moved to Germany and has been living in Leipzig ever since.


The slim and flexible body of the 1.76 cm great artist, seems beautiful and yet unique. Only Zlata can occupy both extreme front and backbend positions and celebrate the incredible 270-degree balancing act. The Discovery Channel in the US, made a video for her announcing her as the most agile woman in the world“. In the video, doctors put her through an MRI machine while she was contorting and found her ligaments to be as flexible of those of an infant. Zlata has made a living off of her extraordinarily flexible ligaments via performance art, modeling, acting, fetish magazines, and one-of-a-kind stock photos. Being one of the most skilled contortionists in the world also means Zlata’s skills in the yoga studio are second to none, putting even the most dedicated yoga guru to shame.

In 2007, her international career started to meet great success, as she set up her first Guinness World Record for the fastest time to burst three balloons using only your back, something Zlata achieved in 12 seconds. In 2013 she set the Guinness World Record for the most beer bottles opened in a minute using only your feet. She opened 8. She can also fit herself into a 50 cm. box. Throughout her career, Zlata has also done some acting jobs, such as being a body double for the French film “Micmacs a Tire-Larigot”.

In Germany, she has been known from the TV show “The Super Talent” in 2008. International broadcasters such as RTL, MDR, VOX, 9Live (Germany), France2 (France), TELE5 (Italy), TV Asahi, Fuji TV (Japan), Discovery Channel, ABC (USA) and Fashion TV (UK) have heavily relied on her professionalism and her amazing skills for several shows of theirs.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else! It’s a lot of fun and I get to be very creative with my poses and the costumes I wear!” Zlata has performed numerous shows across Europe, in India, Hong Kong, and she often works in Japan. Especially in Romania and Asia, she has been a welcome TV guest fore several live broadcasts.

But she admits she does have to train hard to keep her body flexible enough for some of the poses – particularly the Triple Fold which she finds the hardest – to prevent muscle sprains.

And she has no time for injury as she performs on stage at least once a week and does two photo shoots a week updating her website.

She also tries to set aside two hours a day for training but doesn’t have a particular regime.

In one of her favorite acts, Zlata bends herself backwards at a perfect 90 degree angle – literally cutting herself in half so the back of hands touch her heels.

She has suffered numerous muscle sprains from her work which can prevent her from performing for a few days but doesn’t think she will have health problems in the future.

As she has stated “I would love to still be doing this when I’m 70 – I know a lot of contortionists who still are doing it in their 60s and 70s, so hopefully I will be the same.” But Zlata admits she can eat whatever she wants, and she has never had to diet to maintain slender frame crediting her genes for her enviable physique.

Fetish Career

We could say that Zlata has a large fetish background. She has featured in many fetish photo shootings and has also published a fetish photo book. She was in the cover of Marquis Fetish Magazine No. 36. In collaboration with Marquis and the photographer Peter Czernich, the book “Zlata: Contortion Fetish” was released on May 2010. As the editor of the book stated “this is a book about the fetishist and contortionist Zlata. There are a lot of contortionists in the world, but there is only one Zlata. While many contortionists have short, childish bodies, Zlata is a tall, adult female with a beautiful face and a lot of sex appeal. Her unique abilities in posing fascinated photographer Peter W. Czernich from the very first time he shots with her; any more shootings should follow. The most beautiful creations can be found in this fetish book. Zlata can bend her body in an incredibly erotic way, thrusting out her bottom or arching her spine like no other model could. Whilst her extreme contortions thrill most of her fans, I am happy if she only stretches half the way, hinting at what her limits might be. This slight exaggeration lifts the pose of the ordinary into the domain of the bizarre and the surreal. Fetishism is all about exaggeration. Larger than life, overblown female sex appeal: High Heels, wasp waists, shiny limbs, strong makeup. Zlata loves fetish, latex, high heels, the whole arsenal of erotic fashion and accessories. She happens to be not only a good contortionist, but also a true fetish girl. This killer combination which makes her a true “rubber woman”!

On 2012, Zlata was invited to entertain the guests at an after party following the film “Holy Motors” that took place at the Cannes Festival. She managed to astonish everybody by showing off her flexibility in her specially designed leopard skin fetish Lycra bodysuit with jeweled headgear and matching heels.

Zlata has also collaborated with and modelled for the notorious company in latex clothing, Simon O. She made together with Nikita from the Fetish Chimera beautiful latex videos and photo shootings wearing upcoming latex collections available at Simon O.

Zlata has now decided to publish her 2016 Calendar which is titled “Beauty Embodied in Flexibility” in order to “emphasize her charms” after she and her husband recently got divorced.

Seeing the photos, we could say that her divorce was good for her. She is more fetish and gorgeous than ever.

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